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Multi-Strategy Trade Approach

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Our trade process focuses on generating consistent, positive, absolute results across trade market cycles with low volatility compared to the broader and international trade markets. Our objective is to maintain growth during periods of market product decline and produce competitive trade purchasing performance in rising markets.

We approach global trade in each of our strategies through meticulous fundamental study of potential risk and return. We look at both conditional and quantifiable issues in assessing our clients boundaries, performing extensive due diligence and actively managing the exposures of our projects.

We provide trade management services globally through our Multi-Strategy Partners, Manufacturing, Freight Forwarders, Sourcing Services, Market Research, Market Entry, Distributors, Custom Brokers, Trade Compliance and other trade related vehicles. Our services are designed to meet the needs of institutional manufacturing companies around the world.

Our approach to product trading today is based on the same fundamental elements that we have employed since our firm was founded. Our objectives are to create long-term value for our global trade partners by generating consistent, positive, absolute leads and returns while protecting the contributing parties in developing new and carefully considered trade opportunities. Our firm’s experience, combined with the consistency of our approach to risk management, has been essential to extending our performance history.

Our trade and development strategies composition is determined by selecting what we believe are the best trade market opportunities, consistent with the objectives for each of our projects. Our ability to selecting in multiple trade strategies worldwide enables us to adjust our position as market conditions change.

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