We structure our business to align our firm’s interests with those of the trade groups and our manufacturers.  We have a history of partnering with highly talented and experienced trade groups across all areas of our business, and developing them in to senior roles.  We believe the number of senior personnel we have, and their coverage of equity ownership, sets us apart in our industry and ensures the continuity and stability of our firm.

·Global Trade Presence

·Team-Based Culture

What we do

Our ability to opportunistically trade worldwide is an important element of diversifying our capabilities and managing risk. Our dedicated and partnered trade professionals operate globally and have a long history of trade on a domestic and international scale.

·Alignment of Trade Interests

Since our firm’s foundation, we have focused on building a robust infrastructure with an emphasis on trade compliance, operational and compliance-related controls.   Additionally, we have added a number of independent, third-party processes to our trade operations that provide independent information to our clients..

Connecting with global markets and the diversified networks with foreign manufacturers has been the spotlight in the overall world economy. With the growing and advancement of information technology in current years shows the considerable room for the “small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)” to fully utilize the economic opportunities provided through international trade.  It is essential for us to recognize the risk factors and to mitigate information in a timely manner in accordance of compliance while maximizing profitability.   


Relevant Reading

We believe that our trade partners should be provided with conditional and quantifiable information about our trade process, operational procedures and trade exposures in order to understand and evaluate trade performance. We provide our trade partners with comprehensive reporting about each trade project on a regular basis in addition to our partnered groups and portfolio managers discussing any related questions that may be addressed. 

·Ideas among Trade Strategies

What Really Matters in Global Trade

We operate our businesses in an integrated approach, which we believe distinguishes Liberty Trade Empire from other alternative trade groups. Our trade professionals frequently collaborate and share information across disciplines including market management, insight, banking and consultant contacts as well as potential manufacturing and trade opportunities. This partnership contributes to our collection of industry knowledge and we believe enables us to trade successfully in enhancing a company's business solution.

·Focus on Trade Infrastructure

The Value Proposition of Trade

We evaluate our partnered trade groups, executive contributions, and have calculated our compensation structure, based on a “one-firm” approach that encourages internal cooperation and the sharing of ideas. We are a global trade organization and we have encouraged a culture that allows us to allocate ideas and evaluate trade opportunities on a firm-wide basis, focusing on the finest ideas and opportunities available. In utilizing this collaborative approach emphasizes the success of our firm as a whole.

Our network maintains a scope of practice across a broad range of trading and geographies. Our trade professionals have extensive experience and many are specific by strategy, industry sector or territory. This cultivates consistent interaction among the trade professionals across our strategies and creates drive that adds to our trade insight and ability to identify attractive trade opportunities.